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Why is my gin cloudy?

When your Smidgin goes a bit cloudy it is because it is packed with essential oils extracted from the botanicals during the distillation process.

Most commercially produced gins are chill-filtered.  The process of chill-filtering involves cooling the gin as low as -10c and then forcing it under pressure through an industrial filter.  When the gin is very cold the natural oils from the citrus and the juniper become heavier and clot together making the gin look cloudy.  Chill-filtering strips these natural essential oils out of the gin and makes it crystal clear.  This is a process used by industrial manufacturers who want to produce a clear gin to give the impression of quality.

Unlike commercially produced gins, Smidgin is hand-crafted and isn’t chill-filtered which means it retains all of its essential oils.  When Smidgin is mixed with ice or tonic, the oil solubility decreases, turning the liquid a bit cloudy.

Smidgin gin is made from beautiful natural botanicals including juniper, angelica, coriander seed,  fresh citrus, cinnamon bark, peppercorn, and hand-picked mountain tea.  We simply can't stand the idea of chill-filtering and stripping away all those naturally distilled oils that make Smidgin smell and taste so great.  The next time you order a gin, ask your bartender to let you smell a commercial gin like Gordons or Beefeater and then compare the smell to Smidgin, you will be amazed at the difference.  


Smidgin's flavour profile has been professionally tasted and is said to be clean and earthy, with 'wonderful' juniper, fresh citrus notes, backed up by a little spiciness from the cinnamon and black pepper and  a rich earthiness from the mountain tea.


Please don't worry if your bottle of Smidgin goes a bit cloudy when it is very cold,  it is in fact a sign of quality.  If you want it to be clear just give it a big hug and warm it up, and it will be clear again.

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